Double blower tangencial fan for pellet stoves.
Fan diameter: 60 mm
Fan length: 180 180 mm
Total length: 444 mm
Nozzle dimensions: 2 x 184×40 mm
Flow: 168 m³/h
Magnetic core: 20 mm
Power: 25 W
Specific for high temperatures.

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Gewicht 10 g
Afmetingen 10 × 10 × 10 cm
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TGD 60/1-180/20 25/2600 EMMEVI – FERGAS 119509 Cross-flow fan with double blower for pellet stoves. Specific for high temperatures, it is a quiet, small and very reliable product.

Equivalent to the following EMMEVI-FERGAS cross-flow fans 119500

The 60mm rotor create a swirling motion that generate an output air flow that is stable and uniform. Flow range 168 m³/h.

Thanks to its small size, its 444mm total length, the fan has severel employments.

It absorbs 25 Watt at full power.
For stoves
– ARCE ref. 1611010093 mod. Circle – Circle j Plus – Circle j – Circle Plus –  Hetna – Hetna j Plus – Hetna j – Hetna Plus – Lexia – Lexia j Plus – Lexia j – Lexia Plus – Smart – Smart j