HUBA differential pressure switch 24/39 Pascal in depression.
Type: series 605
Permissible gases: air and smokes
Body: Polycarbonate reinforced with glass
Contacts configuration: SPDT
Operating temperature: from -40°C to 90°C
Installation: vertical

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Gewicht 10 g
Afmetingen 10 × 10 × 10 cm




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The HUBA CONTROL pressure switch series 605 is developed for use in the measurement of exhaust fumes evacuated by the gas boilers and pellet stoves, strong construction, high accuracy and reliability. They are used to detect the differential air pressure.
High calibration accuracy characterises commutation quality according to the industry standards, half-rotating contacts, low sensitivity to dirt on the contacts thanks to self-cleaning system.
Joint for tube connection Ø 6.2 mm
For stoves
– CADEL Ref. COM0233-2
– CADEL Ref. 4160482

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