USB interface for serial communication between PC and Micronova control board
Size: 45 x 144 x 22 (mm)
Connection: USB towards the computer and serial towards the board
Compatibility: all Micronova electronic boards

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Afmetingen 10 × 10 × 10 cm




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PK056_A01 device for communication between PC and MICRONOVA control boards, interfaced to SERAMINET management software, allows to have the following funcionalities:
Compatibility with all of the Micronova boards.
BootLoader programming.
Circuit board firmware update.
Database management.
Programming of flash technology boards.
Graphic analysis of data.
Historical data storage.
Serial port driver installation for Windows 7 – 8 and 10
Automatic detection of firmware transfer speed
The management software (to download here) introduces to the user by a single window where there’s everything to handle the device entirley.
USB drivers must be loaded during the software installation.
For more information about the fonctioning, download the manual by clicking here.