Portable device – Boot Loader – for firmware uploading on Micronova electronic cards
Size: 45 x 144 x 22 (mm)
Capacity: up to 8 programs
Connection: USB towards the computer and serial number towards the card
Compatibility: all Micronova electronic cards

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Gewicht 10 g
Afmetingen 10 × 10 × 10 cm




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The Boot Loader portable device lets you upload and consequently upgrade the firmware of Micronova cards in an easy and fast way.
The Boot Loader can store up to 8 different pieces of firmwares to be permanently installed on electronic cards.
It has a USB interface and is connected to a personal computer from which the transfer of the firmware takes place by using a dedicated program.
The software for the Boot Loader management allows to view the files inside the device, upload the firmware to use for updating the electronic cards and deleting unnecessary files.
The management software (to download by clicking here) shows up by a unique window where there’s everything is needed to handle the device.
The USB driver are uploaded during the software installation.
Select the corresponding micro-switch to upload the firmaware on the card.
For more information about its operation, download the manual by clicking here.
– ARCE rif. 1611908869
– NORDICA EXTRAFLAME Ref. 002272568 – 2272568